What does Egypt have to do with this?

The name, Re Hu Tek, is based on a lineage that existed in ancient Egypt. Allen Burns had a several past lives in ancient Egypt. Those lives affected his present life and he brought forth this energy lineage to the earth in a different form for our modern times.

Can anyone learn how to use this?

The only limitation is that the soul of the individual must be to a certain level of awareness in order for the attunement to do what it is intended to do. The metaphysical body/mind must be at a certain minimal stage of evolution in the long journey of the soul. Unless one is at that minimal stage they would probably not even be interested in this work.

Is this a religion?

No, Re Hu Tek is not a religion. There are no deities to worship. You are free to have any beliefs you choose and still use the energies. We do present some common metaphysical principles in the courses such as reincarnation, karma, life after death, spirits, and others that may run contrary in some way to some more restrictive religious beliefs. This type of work tends to not draw those types of individuals anyway.

Where did the name Re Hu Tek come from?

During a channeling session with Anita in the late ’90s, Allen Burns received this name as the past life origin of an energy that “woke up” in him in 1979. We were told it was Egyptian in origin. Anita later did some searching in some Ancient Egyptian language books and found Re Xhu Tet’k which roughly translates to the sun god sends rays of splendor through his voice (sound).

What is an attunement?

An attunement is a way to pass a connection to a particular energy lineage without going through years of training to be able easily access the energy. The energy connection is installed into a person and becomes part of their nature. Then it’s just a matter of learning ways to use the energy they are now connected with.

Is an attunement necessary to use the techniques in your training?

Some yes, some no. You will always get the most out of the training with a Re Hu Tek attunement.

How is Re Hu Tek different from Reiki?

There are some similarities, but there are many differences. Check out this article.