Early Research with Aura Camera

Aura Camera
Early Aura Camera

Notice the shape of the auras below are all the same. This is the template pattern in the camera.

The Aura Camera

These aura camera photos were taken on May 1, 2001.

The pictures are a simulation of the aura based upon electrical signals received through sensor plates, upon which the hands are placed. Each sensor plate has multiple segments for individual parts of the palms and fingers. Circuitry in the camera converts the signals into various frequencies and interprets these as colors. These colors are then overlaid with lights upon the image of the person which is then snapped as a polaroid photo.

Our Purpose for the Experiment

Our purpose was simply to see if there would be any changes in the colors when we applied Re Hu Tek through the hands on to the contact sensors of the aura camera, or if we used Re Hu Tek on another person who was connected to the camera sensors. We did not try to interpret the colors. We were just looking for any changes.

On a side note, Michael, the operator of the camera who had been to several shows with this camera, told us a story. He said that there was man who came with his girlfriend to his booth to have his aura photographed. He was trying to impress his girlfriend on how he could change is aura. He took several pictures, but no change, try as he might.

Allen's Aura Images

Allen went first to see if the Re Hu Tek would make a difference in the aura photos when he just accessed the Re Hu Tek energy while his hands were on the sensors.

Allen Base Aura

Here is his normal aura before accessing the Re Hu Tek energies.

Allen Accessing Re Hu Tek

Here Allen is accessing the Re Hu Tek energy while his hands are on the aura camera’s sensors.

Allen Aura Low pitched sound

Next we wanted to add sound. Here Allen tones a low pitched sound with his hands on the sensor plates.

As you can see it floods the hands and thus the sensor plates with energy that is reflected in the light patterns.

Here Allen is toning a high pitched sound. The colors continue to get more intense. Notice the point at the front of the crown and the area below the mouth. You almost can’t see him because the color is so intense.

Anita's Aura Images

Anita Base Aura

Here is a picture of Anita’s “normal” aura.

I realized after all these years that the orange in her photo was probably from Allen’s toning before her turn to have her picture taken.

Anita Aura with Sound

This picture is with Anita using Re Hu Tek with sound. As  you can see there is a big difference here. Notice the colors below the mouth.

Effects on Others Receiving RHT

Next we had several people have pictures taken before and after Re Hu Tek was applied using sound for about 15 seconds. We applied the Re Hu Tek with sound without touching the body.  Here are the results. These people were in the room when Allen and Anita toned before. See notes.

Recipient 1

Michael Before

Before application.

Again I suspect the left side orange color is from hearing the sound work in the room before. A past life connection to this energy may have allowed this. This person is also a healer.

Michael receiving RHT

This is after the sound work was applied directly to the recipient.

Recipient 2

Kryk before


Notice no orange in aura yet even though he was exposed to the pre-application background sound from Allen like the others. I suspect this person has not been attuned to this energy in past lives.

Kryk After Sound Work

Notice it is not as great an affect as the others with sound. 

This again may indicate the lack of a past life connection to the energy. Had we worked longer with sound his aura probably would have looked like the person above.

Recipient 3

Tulita before

Before Application.

After application of sound work.

Another one who may have no past life connection with this energy.

Last Thoughts

I think we can determine from these photos that something is taking place, at least in the hands. 

Update 2019: I have added some new insights in the notes under the images. 

A person who has been attuned to the Re Hu Tek energies in a previous life carries that connection with them even though it may not be optimized. It allows them to more easily reconnect with it when they are exposed to it again. Another way to say it is they resonate with the energies easily. The attunement process we do optimizes that connection for this life and their new bodies. 

New initiates that receive the attunement for the first time get connected and optimized for their bodies.  In both cases this is further enhanced by more energy work (practice) and more attunements or transmissions from an adept or master over time.