The Differences Between Re Hu Tek™ and Reiki

The purpose in this article is to give you our experience based on feedback from our students and having worked with both systems ourselves. Reiki is the most popular healing modality for good reason, it’s easy and gentle. It is used in many hospitals now as nurses get trained in it. We are in no way putting Reiki down. We have had many Reiki practitioners and masters come to us for training in Re Hu Tek.


Reiki is a healing modality originally from Japan. Re Hu Tek in its present form started in the USA and is related to an ancient Egyptian lineage. We are comparing the original Usui Reiki, since there a many other lineages that have been developed by other people from the original Usui lineage.

The Energies

Re Hu Tek is associated with two different energies, Cosmic and Earth. They are very different in nature. Reiki does not mention the source of the energy it uses. Except that it is a passing on of the energy that Dr. Usui tapped into so long ago.

Stronger, Faster

People who have taken Reiki, then gone to Re Hu Tek have commented that Re Hu Tek is stronger and faster working. This is partly because it does not have restraints put on it like Reiki does. The source of the energy may also make a difference. The attunement process may also make a difference. This applies to comments of others who used many other modalities not just Reiki.


The Re Hu Tek training has a much broader range of ways to use subtle energies than the Reiki training. (We did go through Reiki many years ago. There are third parties who have brought in many other ways to use Reiki now.)


Re Hu Tek has a natural affinity for sound. This can be in the use of sound work by the practitioner or by the way they perceive music and sound.  Sound work is optional in Re Hu Tek. We offer sound work training, included in the home study course, for those who are interested. (There are some new lineages of Reiki that may use sound)


Reiki uses symbols or kanji in the second level and above. In some circles, they have to be very precisely “written.”  Re Hu Tek uses a few geometric shapes for those who are visual, but they are not required. They are to be meditated on and become part of your memory that you can call in at a moments notice.


Reiki generally produces “hot” hands as part of its nature. Re Hu Tek generally does not, although it can. The energy from a Re Hu Tek practitioner to a recipient can be warm, cool, and many other types of sensations depending on the nature of the energy needed at the time. Re Hu Tek seems give access to a much wider bandwidth of energies (frequencies) than any other modalities of its kind.


Reiki is a very structured system of working for those who like structure. Re Hu Tek can be used in a structured way but really prefers to be more fluid and adaptable and works with a practitioners own natural preferences, whether kinesthetic, visual or auditory. The Re Hu Tek courses offer many ways to do things. You pick which appeals to you most and go from there. You can add different techniques as you grow or change.