Re Hu Tek or Sombu Kotal, which one to choose

Re Hu Tek or Sombu Kotal?

Re Hu Tek or Sombu Kotal…Which is the right one for you?


  • are a complete newbie to energy work, metaphysics, and/or spiritual practices.
  • It is a great foundation in energy work if you want:
  • To learn the principles of energy work
  • A classical systematic method of working with “channeled” energies received from an attunement process that you can use in your daily life and work with others
  • To add the powerful Re Hu Tek energies to your current modality and continue with a classic table work (2nd Level) type of modality
  • To receive a frameable Certificate of Completion for successfully completing the final exam questions for Re Hu Tek


  • To mainly work on attaining a greater connection to your Higher SELF and learn simple ways of working with it for yourself and others
  • To learn how to dump karmic baggage and unwanted patterns with the help of the Higher SELF
  • To learn the components of energy work and how healing modalities are created
  • To learn a powerful and fast, but simple way to use Sombu Kotal to do healing work
  • To learn a great “model” of the evolution the of the soul and soul ages that can change your life
  • To super-charge whatever modality or spiritual practice you are already using

Because we want you to get the most you can out of Sombu Kotal, we require a phone or online interview to make sure you are a good fit for the work. Go to the Sombu Kotal section to see the other benefits and prerequisites of Sombu Kotal before you decide.

Another thing to consider is that, if you pass the interview process and choose Sombu Kotal,  you will also receive the Re Hu Tek Home Study course materials. Why? Because, although much of the Re Hu Tek material is not needed to practice Sombu Kotal, some of it can be valuable additions to your skill set. Some of the techniques can be added to the intuitive way of working that is Sombu Kotal.

As you can see, there are decisions to be made. If you have doubts or questions, contact Allen Burns to discuss them.

If you decide to purchase the Re Hu Tek 1st Level home study course first, then want to move on to the Sombu Kotal after completing it, you can receive a discount on the Sombu Kotal training. Contact Allen Burns for details.