Sombu Kotal head

The image above is by an artist on Adobe Stock who goes by Agsandrew. I love their work. To me it represents the material and non-physical planes interacting. The centers in the head can be tuned toward the spiritual realms.

Sombu Kotal™ is an extension of the Re Hu Tek training or, with an interview, is made available for those who have been doing spiritual practice or other work on themselves for some time. It uses the same energies as Re Hu Tek, but we expand with multiple transmissions of energy over time to enhance the work that was done before.

We gently work with lesser known energy centers in the body and head. This can bring about various abilities according to one’s past life work and what we call “configurations”. It is a safer way to open up to higher parts of our being-ness than some other methods that exist.

We use an advanced technique that might be called a “shift” in consciousness to bring about more rapid personal change. We have developed ways to clear karmic, past life, pre-natal and other stuck energies that block our way to a fuller life. It can also be used as a healing technique.

We currently only offer live training for Sombu Kotal. We are working on home study training for this work with additional online consulting.

More information will be coming soon! In the mean time, if you have any questions please contact us.