The Name Sombu Kotal

Authors note: The story of the lineages of Re Hu Tek and Sombu Kotal were given in channeling sessions with Anita Burns over many years. We say it is plausible but cannot say that it is factual. You can look at it as the mythologies of the lineages if you wish. You do not have to believe in the lineage “history” for the system to work. The principles behind the systems are sound and universal. You will find in many spiritual and native lineages myths of great beings coming to help mankind. Some of these may have actual true stories behind them.

The Lineage

Pleiadean woman

While Re Hu Tek has roots in an Egyptian lineage, Sombu Kotal has its roots in a lineage brought to earth about 10,000 years ago. The original lineage, Sombukotal, is not of earth origin, but rather from another race of non-earth humans some of whom have incarnated as earth humans. These non-earth souls have been called many things—star seed, indigo children, etc. It simply means the soul’s evolution was previously on another world and is now in an earth human body.

The word Sombukotal is what they referred to as the ability to access and use these universal energies (what we call cosmic and earth (planetary) energies) and a connection to what some on earth call the Higher SELF.

 It is a universal principle (or path) and not specific to any planet. On their planet, Sombukotal was used for many things, including assisting the healing of their bodies. Because their bodies are more advanced in physical evolution than earth humans, they also have abilities that most humans do not. Nor could most humans be trusted with at their present stage in soul development.

 Sombu Kotal™ is the name for our system developed to help people, who are ready, to make a stronger connection to their true nature as eternal beings of ever-expanding awareness having a human experience. To “remember” what they truly are while in a human body and to live a full, SELF-aware life is the goal.

For the story of how these off-planet beings who helped earth humans and brought sombukotal to earth see Anita Burns’ gripping and heart-felt channeled story of the Grand Plan that was created to help earth humans move from their warlike beginnings to peaceful and powerful people, ready to join the interplanetary alliance. The God’s of Arkhon by Anita Burns available on This was a based on channeled material from Johar and Simon through Anita over many years of deep channeling sessions while also receiving downloads of information from them as she was writing the book.

What Does the Name, ‘Sombu Kotal’ Mean?

There is no direct translation, but we associate it with the idea of an empty vessel. The vessel must be emptied before it can be filled with something new.

 A lot of the Sombu Kotal work has to do with clearing out programming, karmic patterns and other things that no longer serve us well. When we consciously start giving more control of our life to the Higher SELF we want to be a clearer vessel.