Migraine Subsided with Re Hu Tek

“Wow! Just came from my daughters after receiving a desperate call from her. She was suffering a debilitating migraine headache and felt she may need to go to the hospital. I found her in bed, head buried under pillows. She could not talk or move without exacerbating the pain. I put my hands on her spine (I like to run energy up and down the spine since it connects to the brain and innervates every part of the body). 

Within 5 minutes she started saying she felt better.  The nausea was gone, the searing pain behind her eyes was gone, the dizziness was gone. I told her to take it easy and try to sleep. I went downstairs and she showed up in the kitchen about 3 minutes later! She was hungry!

During hands-on I felt far more energy moving than I have ever felt before! Also, I’ve had 2 completely amazing intuitive events since I last saw you! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and powerful energy system with me!”

—Carol D, Reki Master, Re Hu Tek 1st Degree (Home Study Course), Rancho Cucamonga, CA,

Sound with the Re Hu Tek...

“I am really liking the Re Hu Tek energy, I have been using it daily on myself and can really feel a difference with my intuition and when I work on clients doing my other healing modality. Just having it activated in me before we start has been great. The clients have commented on how different my energy feels and using the basic clearing technique is a added plus. They really like the change. 

Right now I am playing with the toning part and am loving it. Sound with the Re Hu Tek just makes energies hook up, connect and clear so much faster. After I submerged myself further with level 1 I will be really looking forward to level 2. Thanks so much.”

—Debrah H, 1st Degree Re Hu Tek Practitioner, Hemet, CA

Goes Way Beyond Reiki...

“Re Hu Tek is amazing! I didn’t expect the depth of the experience I had. There is a definite difference in the way I think and feel. This goes way beyond Reiki and other energy techniques. Thank you.”

– David L., NLP Trainer/Consultant, Reiki Master, 2nd Degree RHT Practitioner, Claremont, CA

Experienced Healer Gets Added Benefit with Re Hu Tek

“I’ve been a healer for over 13 years.  During that period I have spent well over $100,000 on seminars, retreats, and books.  I have an incredible passion for healing and I have explored basically every type of healing that there is.  

Some of the workshops I’ve attended, even ones costing me thousands of dollars, were not really worth it despite their incredible claims.  Unfortunately you don’t really know that until you’ve attended the workshop itself or have developed some expertise in the field to understand what they’re teaching.  Sure, everyone is different and what works for others may not work for you or me.  

Re Hu Tek is unique and different as it covers the 3 major areas of healing – intuition development, energy healing, and changing belief systems.  These are the 3 most important skills that you will need to develop in a healing practice and you can literally spend thousands of dollars studying with various teachers.  

From the beginning of receiving the 1st degree attunement I knew that something special had happened.  My ability to project energy to my clients was noticeably enhanced which is very hard to do at my level.  2nd degree taught me new ways of clearing the chakras that I’ve never heard before and is the most effective I’ve studied.  

The 3rd degree enhanced my intuition strongly enough that I’ve never felt more confident giving readings before.  Changing beliefs [parts, inner children, micro beliefs] was a godsend because it brought about changes in my clients lives.

Learning Re Hu Tek is simple but it is an art that needs to be practiced regularly.  Allen and Anita are extremely supportive teachers.  Their range of knowledge and skill is incredible.” 
—Jeff, 3rd Degree RHT Practitioner, CA


Most Grounded Modality...

“Studying Re Hu Tek Level 3 on the plane. Allen and Anita have so much great wisdom to share. This is really the most grounded modality I have studied.”

– AJ,  3rd Degree RHT Practitioner, VA

Tennis Improved

“After the First Degree attunement my intuition was awakened. I felt in harmony with nature. I’ve a deeper understanding of my life’s purpose than ever before.”

“I’ve played tennis for over 15 years. Since I received my Re Hu Tek Attunement/Training my tennis has tremendously improved. It allows me to instantly get into “the flow” of the game. Difficult shots come almost effortlessly–something that would have taken many weeks of intense training to achieve.”

– Charles A., 2nd Degree RHT Practitioner, Montclair, CA

Clearings Faster with Re Hu Tek

“Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! I can access this energy immediately. Freakin’ incredible!”

“Been playing around with the Re Hu Tek energy. It is very interesting to say the least. The vibrations are so much higher than I’m used to working with. Just listening to “The Spark” raises my vibration extremely high. In fact, I’ve never held this much energy before!”

“I sent the energy to a friend of mine last night (who is not very sensitive to this stuff) and she felt huge waves of energy flow through her immediately. She doesn’t feel Reiki at all.”

“I’ve been using RHT just about daily and I’m now on the Chakra exercises. I am actually a singer, I love music, but one of my big set backs was a lack of vibrato. I’ve never been able to do it, until now. Applying RHT to my energy, my voice vibrates so much differently—I actually get a vibrato every time. It’s so cool!”

“This has really been an incredible experience. I clear my energy field with it after readings and I’m no longer exhausted afterwards. I love the technique where I pass the Power Yantra through certain parts of my body. That clears blocks very quickly. What used to take 30 minutes of Reiki takes me maybe 2-3 minutes of Re Hu Tek.”

—AJ,  3rd Degree RHT Practitioner, VA

New Level of Healing

“Reiki and Re Hu Tek are very different, yet have both been major turning points in my life. Being a Reiki Master for many years now I am deeply familiar with energy work but after my Re Hu Tek experience I am opened up to a totally new level of healing.

Immediately following my Re Hu Tek Attunement/Training I experienced and continue to experience a profound personal growth and deepening of the way I am able to process my life issues.

In addition, I experience everday sounds differently–especially those that were previously irritating, such as leaf blowers, helicopters, and sirens. These were transformed into powerful tools. It was almost as if I was tuned into Aboriginal healing knowledge.

If you are serious about personal growth and transformation and healing work I highly recommend Re Hu Tek.”

– JoyDawn, Reiki Master, RHT Adept level 2 Practitioner, Riverside, CA

Baggage Falling Away...

“It was subtle at first, but then things started snowballing. I now know what an invaluable modality this is for spiritual growth. For the first time in my life old baggage and garbage are falling away from me. I actually find myself smiling for no reason at all. I can see my path more clearly now. For that, I am eternally grateful to Allen and you [Anita].”

– Keith C., 1st Degree RHT Practitioner, Norman, OK

Profound Healing

“I myself have experienced the Re-Hu-Tek energy twice so far. The first time, Allen Burns, the modern founder of Re-Hu-Tek, gave me a temporary attunement to the Earth portion of the energy. I could clearly feel the energy flowing through my palms upon my direction, and so could others. 

The second time, Allen used Re-Hu-Tek on me when I requested an emotional healing. The effects of the healing have been extremely profound, reorganizing me on a deep,energetic level.”

–Eric, RHT 1st Degree Practitioner, Riverside, CA


Re Hu Tek has Enhanced My Life

“Re Hu Tek has enhanced my life. The attunements have given me the ability to quickly access energy that helps me to meditate, channel, heal, etc. much more efficiently than ever before. I’ve used Re Hu Tek to heal myself and others countless number of times.

Just days after my First Degree attunement I was shocked to realize that I successfully removed, within a couple of minutes, a terrible stomach ache that I had.

Not only does the energy help people, but I also use it on my pets. Recently, one of my dogs was very ill. Re Hu Tek undoubtedly eased her discomfort, but I still felt she needed medical attention. The results of her first blood test were very confusing and abnormal. Her veterinarian was baffled and ordered another blood test to be done the following day. I continued sending RHT energy to my dog. To the bewilderment of the vet, the second blood test came back absolutely normal. My dog is now fine.

–Nancy R., Reiki, 2nd Degree RHT Practitioner, Riverside, CA

A subjective experience comparing Reiki, Heailing Touch and Re Hu Tek™

I experience reiki as a gentle continuous flow of energy clearly streaming from my palms. It usually decreases in speed or intensity when “enough” energy has been passed to whatever I am in process of passing the reiki energy into. It may be a pillow, food, water, a person or a room.

Healing Touch is variable. No two sessions are ever the same. Connecting to the energy in Healing Touch is also variable from a sensation point of view, for me. We connect in Healing Touch with intention, first of all, then going to the Tan Tien in the center of the abdomen about half way between the belly button and pubis. We send a connection from there to the earth center then back up through the Tan Tien and up to the Soul Star above our heads. Then we bring the connection back down to the heart area and expand it to fill our auras. After all this we rev up each chakra. Usually, I imagine them spinning in a clockwise pattern about like the speed of a CD once started. Sometimes I can strongly feel the energy and sometimes not.

So far, when connecting to the Re Hu Tek energy I have consistently felt the strong energy around and through my body. It also seems to come much faster than the Healing Touch method of connecting to universal energy.

I am going to play with Re Hu Tek energy when using healing touch sessions and see what happens. I will let you know any new observations. I also feel that the toning makes a marked difference in the intensity of the energy flow, which I find very interesting. It reminds me of the phrase from the Bible: “ In the beginning was the WORD, and the word was with God and the word was God. “

Glenna B., Reiki Master, Healing Touch, RHT 2nd Degree, Matawan, NJ

Pain in Shoulder Gone

“When I took your class you removed the pain in my shoulder. That was so great! The pain has never come back. ( I had that injury for almost 8 yrs)
Thank you again. “

Tracy R., Riverside, Ca

Re Hu Tek Energy is Awesome!

I am just emailing you to let you know that the RHT energy is awesome! I have been doing the triangulation, protection, and karma baggage exercises. I am feeling a lot clearer, lighter, and less stressed. Thanks so much for the attunement and the instructions.

Brandy, AZ

Others Impressed with Results...

Just wanted to write and say how much my life and Spiritual life have changed since my 1st degree class. Since then things seem more clear. At first I was using the Re Hu Tek energy on my self, my wife and my son. Little did I know that after 2nd degree training my entire life would change even more. 

Opportunities have come up where people around me have been talking about energies and their healing powers. I’ve explained that I’ve been working with a part of energy as well and they wanted me to demonstrate on them. They were so impressed with the results that they have come to me for more energy work. In some cases I’ve been able to give them a temporary [hand] attunement to help them with their healing. 

My RN training has also come in handy in targeting specific areas that need treatment. I have become more aware of people’s needs, the environment, animals and plant life.

Thank you Allen for making this training program enjoyable and informative. My life will never be the same.


Frank, 2nd Degree Re Hu Tek Practitioner, Chino Hills, CA

Complete Bliss

“Thank you, again, for such wonderful Re Hu Tek [3rd Degree] training!  I loved it!  Re Hu Tek has been a blessing in my life.  For a few days after my recent 3rd degree training, I was in a state of complete bliss.  I felt as though I were “out of my body.”  Nothing mattered, yet everything mattered in the most intensely beautiful way.  

As I sat in a deep meditation, I heard no sound, but suddenly, intuitively knew to open my eyes.  There, hovering right in front of me was one of my totem animals, a glorious hummingbird.  I truly felt its message was that I’d found joy!  

I’ve since had to “come back down to earth.”  However, with the my Re Hu Tek skills, I’m able to quickly find that bliss again, enhancing my spiritual journey.”

Nancy R, Redlands, CA Re Hu Tek 3rd Degree Practitioner

Pet Duck Enjoys Re Hu Tek too

“Allen, thank you so much for everything you did for us on Saturday.  It was most definitely a life changing experience for both of us.  What is amazing to us both is how easily the energy seems to flow for us right away when we both thought it would take time to be able to access it on our own easily. 

Saturday I had all I could do to stay awake I was so relaxed, and when I did finally sleep I slept till the alarm went off for my first online work session, then I returned to sleep and slept for another 4 hours straight.  Both of these were events I haven’t done in a couple of years unless heavily medicated.  What a difference in made in my outlook and my energy level. 

One thing of note is that my duck, Venus, seems really sensitive to the energy.  I sat working during a shift and my back started to bother me.  So, I stopped, got the energy flowing and started sending it to the appropriate spots.  Venus noticed something was up, cocked her head and came over and began to quack and push her bill into the area where I was doing the energy work.  Finally I figured out what she wanted and I sent her some energy.  She immediately fluffed up her feather, stretched and laid down to sleep with little peeps of contentment.  Really something to see just how attuned she was to the energy.  

The other thing I wanted to pass on was that while this heat has really “started up my back” I am maintaining control of the pain with Re Hu Tek.  A couple years ago I had an outbreak of pain like this due to heat and I ended up on oxycontin.  This time the energy work is keeping me under control without medication!  What a gift this is!  Thank you again.” 

Terri and Roy C., 1st Degree RHT Practitioners, Riverside, CA