The Re Hu Tek Attunement

Re Hu Tek Attunement Abstract
Allen Proforming Attunement live

The difference between Re Hu Tek and some other energy systems such as Chi Gong, Pranic Healing, and Therapeutic Touch is that the ability to use Re Hu Tek is installed into your body. 

The attunement, through a process of resonance and intent from a master or adept, integrates the ability to use Re Hu Tek into pathways and energy centers in your physical and subtle (non-physical) bodies. This allows Re Hu Tek energies to flow through you with a simple gesture to turn them on. Re Hu Tek becomes an extension of your nature as opposed to something you must try to access somewhere outside of your self. It is like having the key to open the door instantly to these energies.

In Person or at a Distance

The attunement process works in-person or at a distance (remote attunement). Like the alchemist creating gold from lead, the person emerges from the attunement changed in a way that allows the Re Hu Tek to be a part of his or her very nature.

Attunement recipient
Sending the distance attunement

Additional Possible Bonuses of the Attunement

Some additional bonuses of the attunement that can emerge are a stronger connection to Higher Self, increased psychic abilities, increased creativity, new or enhanced talents, colors are seen more vividly, a sense of well-being, and more. Not everyone experiences dramatic changes and some have changes that are delayed. Others do not notice much until someone points out to them that they seem different somehow.

An Attunement is Just the Start

The Re Hu Tek is something that you need to continue to use in order to receive the most benefit. The attunement process is just the start. You are ultimately responsible for your own growth. No one can do that for you. By steady application of the Re Hu Tek energies and techniques you can make steady progress.

Several Levels

The Re Hu Tek attunement process is divided into several levels as is the training. Each builds on the previous and sets up additional pathways to increase your ability to use RHT more fully. Plus, by using Re Hu Tek regularly, even after receiving all attunements, you can gradually increase the amount of Re Hu Tek you channel. Over time, with proper use, the Re Hu Tek will continue to open certain energy pathways to allow more energy to pass through and other gifts to emerge.