About the Re Hu Tek Energies

Re Hu Tek™ consists of two distinct, yet compatible, energies:

  1. Cosmic (spiritual) energy coming into the crown chakra.
  2. Earth energy coming up from the Earth to enter the body through the feet and root chakras.

The origins of these energies are, from ancient tradition, thought to be the center of our Galaxy (called the central sun) and the core of the Earth. In a more relatable way, you can think of them as a connection to the earth’s subtle energies, and the adjusted stepped down, energies from your Higher Self, who lives on energy from the central sun. For humans could not handle the full force of the direct energy. This is a very crude explanation for a multi-dimensional connection that cannot be explained in language.

The Cosmic energy works on the mental/upper astral realms (dimensions, bodies). The Earth energy works on the denser astral/etheric/physical nature.

Re Hu Tek integrates the Cosmic and Earth energy to create a powerful combination that works on all levels of our body, mind, and spirit.

Re Hu Tek can be amplified, modulated, and focused by the breath, vocal sound, geometric symbols, hand movements, and more.

Re Hu Tek appears to have an “intelligence” (better translated as nature or characteristics). It uses the practitioner’s intent and the law of attraction, coupled with the practitioner’s higher consciousness, to know where to flow in the recipients and how to affect them.

The energies that we call Re Hu Tek are passed on by transmission through an initiation or attunement process. This initiation installs or reawakens Re Hu Tek in the initiates.

During the Re Hu Tek attunement, the two transformative energies are “installed” into an initiate through a process that permanently integrates the ability to access the Re Hu Tek with the initiate’s body. The ability to use Re Hu Tek becomes part of your nature.

Characteristics of Re Hu Tek energies include:

 Instant on. There is no lengthy meditation, complex visualization, or faith needed to start Re Hu Tek. A “trigger” is be used to start the flow of energy. The trigger can be nearly anything, an action, a word, sound, and so forth.

Intelligence. Re Hu Tek is “intelligent” and self-directing and can be modulated and directed by intent as well.

Tangible. Re Hu Tek has “tangible” characteristics. Re Hu Tek may generate heat in the hands, internal warmth, and/or feelings of heat or cool, depending on the need. Some people with blocked or undeveloped kinesthetics (feeling sense) may not sense anything when using Re Hu Tek or other energy modalities, even though the recipients have a strong sense of it. It is not necessary to feel it for it to work. Generally, the practitioner becomes more sensitive to kinesthetics the more the Re Hu Tek is used.

Purity. The Re Hu Tek energies aren’t easily polluted by our own energies, and generally travel directly through our bodies to others. Many other energy practices can be tainted by negative thoughts and energies.

Connection. The Re Hu Tek energies can assist in connecting with our higher self, or with guides, angels, archetypal energies, and “higher powers.”