What is Re Hu Tek?

What is Re Hu Tek?

Re Hu Tek™ is a subtle energy modality founded by Allen and Anita Burns in 2001. It has it's name sake's roots in a lineage from ancient Egypt, however that is were the similarities end. There are no Egyptian gods or goddesses used in the present day system, no temples or pyramids needed to do ceremonies in, and no formal mystery school.  W ...

Saqqara complex Egypt

History of Re Hu Tek

We pieced together our information about the history of Re Hu Tek through through deep trance channeling sessions over a number years from Anita Burns. Anita channels light beings, Johar and Simon, who have been invaluable in helping us piece together the lineage of Re Hu Tek. They have also led us to research material that revea ...

Universal Energy

Universal Energy

A Sea of EnergyWe live in a sea of energies. This includes the light spectrum from our sun, its moon and the stars, the magnetic field of the earth which protects us from more intense and dangerous rays from our sun and other bodies that can harm life here on earth.We are also, in our modern age, surrounded by man-made electromagnetic ...


About the Re Hu Tek Energies

Re Hu Tek™ consists of two distinct, yet compatible, energies:Cosmic (spiritual) energy coming into the crown chakra.Earth energy coming up from the Earth to enter the body through the feet and root chakras.The origins of these energies are, from ancient tradition, thought to be the center of our Galaxy (called the central sun) ...

Re Hu Tek vs Reiki

The Differences Between Re Hu Tek™ and Reiki

The purpose in this article is to give you our experience based on feedback from our students and having worked with both systems ourselves. Reiki is the most popular healing modality for good reason, it's easy and gentle. It is used in many hospitals now as nurses get trained in it. We are in no way putting Reiki down. We have had ma ...

Re Hu Tek Manual covers

Learning Re Hu Tek

Where can I get training in Re Hu Tek? How much does it cost? How can I order the Home Study Course? Get these answers here.


Early Research with Aura Camera

Early Aura Camera Notice the shape of the auras below are all the same. This is the template pattern in the camera. The Aura Camera These aura camera photos were taken on May 1, 2001.The pictures are a simulation of the aura based upon electrical signals received through sensor plates, upon which the hand ...