What is Re Hu Tek?

What is Re Hu Tek?

Re Hu Tek™ is a subtle energy modality founded by Allen and Anita Burns in 2001. It has it's name sake's roots in a lineage from ancient Egypt, however that is were the similarities end. There are no Egyptian gods or goddesses used in the present day system, no temples or pyramids needed to do ceremonies in, and no formal mystery school.  W ...

Re Hu Tek vs Reiki

The Differences Between Re Hu Tek™ and Reiki

The purpose in this article is to give you our experience based on feedback from our students and having worked with both systems ourselves. Reiki is the most popular healing modality for good reason, it's easy and gentle. It is used in many hospitals now as nurses get trained in it. We are in no way putting Reiki down. We have had ma ...

Re Hu Tek Manual covers

Learning Re Hu Tek

Where can I get training in Re Hu Tek? How much does it cost? How can I order the Home Study Course? Get these answers here.

Deeper Vibes - Re Hu Tek

Deeper Vibes—Re Hu Tek

Energetic healing is not new. It has been practiced by “healers” and “shamans” for centuries in a variety of methods. From toning to charismatic healing, thousands claim to have been positively affected by energetic healing. One of the most popular methods is Reiki, which is practiced by people all over the world. It is an easy-to-use energy s ...