Deeper Vibes—Re Hu Tek

Deeper Vibes Re Hu Tek

Energetic healing is not new. It has been practiced by “healers” and “shamans” for centuries in a variety of methods. From toning to charismatic healing, thousands claim to have been positively affected by energetic healing. One of the most popular methods is Reiki, which is practiced by people all over the world. It is an easy-to-use energy system. My first experience with Reiki was profound and I was impressed enough to go through all the attunements and become a Reiki Master.

Having rattled around in the spiritual/metaphysical world all 50 plus years of my life, I thought I had experienced just about everything there was to experience from the extremely weird to the sublime. I was wrong. 

Series of Odd Circumstances

Quite unsuspectingly, I met, through a series of odd circumstances, a gentle, unassuming man, with a slight build and exotic, bearded face, who changed my opinion about what energy work is all about. “I have this…thing…I do with energy.” he said. “I’m not sure what it is or what it can do. Can I try it on you?”  After a lifetime quest for a remedy for my migraines, I have had every sort of healer give it their best shot with no, or only subtle, effect on these most stubborn of pain inducers. I had no great expectations that this “treatment” would be any different so I said “Sure.”   

The Force

I was unprepared for the sheer force of this energy. Caught totally open, I fell into a dreamlike trance state and collapsed, unconscious, onto my thankfully near couch. It was similar to an experience I once had with a charismatic healer. In fact, I spent a short time as a charismatic healer myself so I was very familiar with those dynamics. This was different; difficult to describe. It was subtly cleaner, deeper, more pure and direct than anything I had felt so far. In short, jaded me was wowed!

What was this? Where did it come from? What can it do? Were there others using it too? All of these questions were answered with a disarming smile and “I don’t really know.”  Oh, yes, before I forget to mention it, I eventually married this very special man—Allen Burns.

The Work to Find Answers

Over the next five years, we have worked to answer those questions. Through research, meditation, channeling, and controlled experimentation, we have taken that energetic force from the unknown into a system that can be used methodically for healing, balancing and clearing. It is, as one student practitioner said “an intense, deep, clean, pure, and powerful energy. It’s like nothing I have ever experienced before.” A Reiki Master student told us it she was adding it to her healing toolbox. “There is a definite place for both in my world,” she said. Still another student claims his tennis game has greatly improved because of Re Hu Tek.

We’ve begun a journey toward making Re Hu Tek available to all who are drawn to it. We feel the world is ready to receive this new/old energy for empowerment, healing, and balancing—both on a personal level and for the whole Earth.