Healing and the Human Voice

Healing voice image

In spiritual disciplines, as far back as there have been such things, the human voice has been used for healing. The form healing sound has traditionally taken for this has been chanting, and mantras, also speaking in tongues. 

Power of the Voice

It is well known by anyone who has been around the metaphysical/spiritual block a few times that sound, especially the human voice, has the power to heal, balance, clear chakras, and more. Even in the “regular”  world, it is a can accepted fact that all sound, including the voice has the potential to shatter glass, rattle windows, and elicit profound emotional states.


The New Age community also utilizes these age-old techniques, but adds Toning to the repetoire. Toning can be used in a variety of ways, and all seem to have positive effects on both the giver and the receiver. Toning uses no words. Instead, vowels and syllables are elongated and sounded through the voice.


Some Toners have mastered the art of Overtoning where more than one voice or sound comes from the throat of the toner. An overtoner may have a very bass tone and a high pitched whistle coming through at the same time. The Tuvans of Mongolia and the Gyuto Monks of Tibet are examples of well-known groups who do this very effectively.

Re Hu Tek and Sound

I have been involved with chanting, mantras, and toning for more than 30 years. Sound has always had an ability to put me in touch with my higher consciousness. But I was unprepared for the incredible experience I had when I first received Re Hu Tek™, a profound energetic healing work designed to integrate with sound in a way that is perceptively different.

Re Hu Tek & Mantras

For example, in using mantras from a Hindu tradition, each mantra must be repeated a specific number of times, usually more than 100,000. This has a proven track record, but requires dedication over a long period of time. By adding Re Hu Tek™ to my mantras I have seen results in a very short time. Is it the Re Hu Tek™ and my intent? Or is it the combination of the Re Hu Tek™ and the actual mantra? The mantras have an intent built into the sound and the Re Hu Tek™ amplifies that intent to bring results much faster than needing to repeat it thousands of times. 

What is Re Hu Tek™?

I talked about how Re Hu Tek has helped relieve my migraines without medication, and other things that amaze me about it. But what is Re Hu Tek? It is a reawakening of a powerful ancient Egyptian mystery school inner practice. It integrates sound with an “intelligent” energy force for clearing the aura, connecting with guides and angels, increasing creativity, dissolving karmic blocks, and manifesting that which is for our highest good. Re Hu Tek™ is carried and magnified by sound and by the motions of the practitioner. Whether the sounds made are toning, chants, mantras, or silent sounds, the experience and effect is dramatically different from using sound techniques alone.