As Old as Time—Healing Arts

Old as Time Healing Arts

Healing may be the most sought after metaphysical art. Magical and medical healing techniques are recorded as far back as written history. From ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Babylonia, China, Australia, Europe, and the Americas, healing was practiced both as a science and as a magical connection with the “gods.”  Today, a cursory check of the Internet brings up 6,050,000 sites from the word “healing” alone, 178,000 under “spiritual healer”, and 835,000 under “energy healing.”

Healing in Demand

I was pondering on why “healing” is in such demand. Medical science assures us that we are healthier than ever and that modern medicine is a wonder to behold. Why, then do we seek out healers of all kinds with such gusto? We are seeking more than a just sound body. We are seeking real health. Real health is not physical alone.

Real Health is a Synthesis of Radiant Vitality

Real health is a synthesis of radiant vitality, clear mind, and a joyous experience of LIFE! How many of us can claim to wake up every morning with the enthusiasm and energy that we once had as children on Christmas Eve, or our birthdays, or when we knew we were going to have a GREAT day?

The answer is obvious—very few of us in modern society have that ongoing feeling of wonder and excitement about living that the sages and gurus say we should have. There is a wonderfully insightful line from, what I consider to be a very underrated movie, “Joe Versus the Volcano” that says something like, “Nobody feels, good. I don’t ever feel good. It’s a fact of life. Get used to it.” What a sad but often too true commentary on modern life.

Regaining That Zest for Living

Yet there is a promise of discovering or regaining that zest for living, that connection with your higher self, or your Godself as many call it. That promise comes in the myriad of healers, in the form of gurus, spiritual teachers, religious practices, yoga, martial arts, energetic practitioners and on and on.

Of course, each one is claiming to have “THE way.” And, it may be true. Each one may have THE way because THE way may be contained in each one of these practices as a unified force channeling through yoga, Tai Chi, Healing Touch, Reiki, Re Hu Tek™ and so on. 

I have been in the “business” of healing and metaphysics all my life, so I have seen healing fads come and go. In our search for the ultimate healing magic, we may drift from one method to another looking for the ONE that works to make our lives beyond bearable. Will we ever find it? In my opinion, there is no one technique that will answer all of our needs. We must choose a formula that is right for our body, mind, and spirit to help us achieve the goal we seek for vibrant living. 

Re Hu Tek

As many of you already know, I have also been on that path of searching and have chosen as one of the main ingredients in my formula, Re Hu Tek. I am a Reiki Master; I have practiced Tai Chi and Chi Gung for more years than I can count. I am a graduate of Siddhi Yoga, and have practiced Hatha yoga since I was five. I am also a certified NLP trainer and an ex-psychologist. I learned meditation from the feet of masters and have studied more techniques in mind and body control than I care to admit. None of these practices integrated my life like Re Hu Tek I still use a formula of pranayama (the yoga of breath), Siddhi, Kriya, Mantra, Hatha yoga, and NLP but I now integrate the effects of all of this with RHT.

Re Hu Tek, from ancient Egypt, accesses both Cosmic and Earth energies in a way that blends them together in our physical and non-physical body to create a powerful transformative force. This, combined with vocal sound is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I can only describe its effect on me as “atomic.” My other practices have become empowered and alive. I can accomplish much more with my meditation, physical and spiritual disciplines than ever before.