Why We Seek to Heal

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Magical healing techniques are recorded as far back as written history. From ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Babylonia, China, Australia, Europe, and the Americas, healing was practiced both as a science and as a magical connection with the “gods.”  A quick check of the Internet brings up more than three million listings under “spiritual healer,” and nearly three million listings under “energy healing.” 

Healing may be the most sought after metaphysical service. Why? Medical science assures us that we are healthier than ever, and that modern medicine is a wonder to behold. Then, why do so many people, all over the world, seek alternative medicine and energy healers? Why do so many of us feel that modern medicine alone is not enough? 


Even after being treated by a physician for an ailment and given medications, so often we still feel tired, older than our age, and stressed, and sick. Plus, pharmaceuticals are rife with side-effects that sometimes seem to make the cure worse than the illness. Just listening to television ads for prescription drugs is enough to scare some of us. The list of possible side effects can be long and daunting—even comical, sometimes.

Modern Medicine has Its Place

Please don’t get the impression that I am against modern medicine. I am not. I have a great respect for what our physicians and medical researchers have accomplished. I just believe that it isn’t enough and that many medical doctors are biased toward treating symptoms with pharmaceuticals instead of healing.

My personal struggle with health, for most of my life, showed me that modern medicine doesn’t have all of the answers. True, my life has been saved more than once by medicine, but I didn’t experience feeling healthy and whole because of it. 

Why isn’t medicine enough? What more do we want than the absence of disease? It isn’t enough because, as many of our health gurus such as Gary Null (www.garynull.com), Dr. Nicholas Perircone (www.perriconeMD.com, and Dr. Andrew Weil (www.drweil.com) attest, true health is more than just a sound body. 

Real Health & Zest for Life

Real health is more than the absence of physical illness or disfunction; it is a synthesis of radiant vitality, clear mind, and a joyous experience of LIFE! How many of us can claim to wake up every morning with the enthusiasm and energy that we once had as children on our birthdays, or when we knew we were going to have a GREAT day? How many of us maintain that infinite curiosity about the wonders of life? Do we have clear thinking, creativity, enthusiasm? 

I remember a time, not so long ago when my husband and I went to a museum of science in Balboa Park, San Diego. This is a great playground for science and exploration into the wonders of the universe. Exhibits encourage visitors to push buttons, slide levers, punch and pull things, climb, see, hear, taste, and touch to experience science before their very eyes. We were having a lot of fun, giggling, playing, and experiencing. At one point, I looked around and realized that we were the tallest people in the room. Everyone else was probably under the age of thirteen. It didn’t stop us, we continued to explore and play. 

I have often commented that so many of the fun things in life seem limited to children. Why can’t I go to Space Camp? Is it okay in society’s eyes that I am an, ahem, older woman and still like Star Trek and Harry Potter? Just because I have a Masters Degree, does it mean I must stop learning?

It is unfortunately true that very few of us adults in modern society have an ongoing feeling of wonder and excitement about living that is so common in children, and that spiritually enlightened sages and gurus say we could, and should enjoy for our whole lives. 

There is a wonderfully insightful line from, what I consider to be a very underrated movie, Joe Versus the Volcano, starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Tom Hanks, in a stressful, dreary job is talking to his boss about not feeling good. His boss answers in a gruff, impatient voice, “Nobody feels, good. I never feel good. It’s a fact of life. Get used to it.” What a sad but often too true commentary on modern life.

How Can We Reawaken Our Vital Self?

Does it have to be this way? As adults are we all doomed to lose such a life affirming part of us? Can we truly be healthy without life energy, vitality, and zest? I think not, and so do a lot of others who have reclaimed that part of themselves and are rediscovering how really wonderful life can be and how they can help others feel the same joy.

How can we reawaken our vital self? There is a promise of discovering or regaining that zest for living, that connection with our greater, or higher self. That promise comes from healers, in the form of gurus, spiritual teachers, spiritual practices, yoga, martial arts, energy practitioners and more. Of course, mostly each claims to have “THE way.” And, it may be true. THE way may be contained in each of these practices as a unified force channeled through yoga, Tai Chi, Healing Touch, Reiki, Re Hu Tek™ and so on. 

Seeking the “Magic Bullet”

I have been in the “business” of healing and spirituality all my life, so I have seen healing and self-help fads come and go. Does anyone remember when Silva Mind Control (now called Silva Life system) was all the rage? Or EST by Werner H. Erhard? What about Touch for Health? All have gone from the top ten hit list to near obscurity, in some cases. This doesn’t mean that those practices are useless. It is more of an example of our restlessness in seeking the magic bullet.

In our search for the ultimate healing magic, we may drift from one method to another looking for the ONE that works to make our lives beyond just bearable. Many times we are disappointed. What happened? There were so many promises.


Sometimes impatience gets in the way and we don’t give a practice enough time or “practice” for it to fully work. sometimes our beliefs get in the way, but that’s another topic for another article. Sometimes the healer is more confident than their skill, and a host of other challenges keep us from finding the golden fleece. Will we ever find it?

Perhaps, but probably not in any one place. I firmly believe there is no single technique that answers all of our needs. We must choose a formula to help us achieve the goal we seek for vibrant living. 

Re Hu Tek

After half a lifetime of searching, I chose a system that works for me. The main ingredients in this formula is Re Hu Tek™ (RHT). I use this a base for my vital life. RHT is a system that my husband had naturally but didn’t know what he had. 

We spent eight years developing it into a usable and sharable system. I use this not because my husband developed it, but because when I was first exposed to RHT, I was absolutely amazed. And, I am not easily amazed. 

I am a Reiki Master, Tai Chi Master, and practitioner of Chi Gung. I am a graduate of Siddhi Yoga, and have practiced Hatha yoga since I was five. I am also a certified NLP trainer. I learned meditation from masters and have studied more techniques in mind and body control than I care to admit. None of these practices integrated my life like RHT. I use a formula of pranayama (the yoga of breath), Siddhi, Kriya, Mantra, Hatha yoga, healthy eating, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) integrated and enhanced by Re Hu Tek.

Re Hu Tek, from ancient Egypt, accesses both Cosmic and Earth energies in a unique way that blends them together in our physical and non-physical self to create an incredible transformative force. If this is also combined with vocal sound, it is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I can only describe its effect on me as atomic. Others have said it is like Reiki and Chi Gong on steroids. 

My other practices have become empowered and alive. I can accomplish much more with meditation, and with my physical and spiritual disciplines than ever before. At sixty-five, I feel like a younger woman. I think like a younger woman. I act like a younger woman. 

Is RHT the only answer to all of our challenges, woes, and problems? No. RHT is a transformative energy force that we believe is a strong, clear, permanent connection to the forces that engender a vital, healthy life in body and mind. 

A Re Hu Tek attunement re-integrates us to earth energy and to the force that holds the galaxy together. Astronomers tell us that we are made of stardust. But, somewhere along the way we lost our connection with the stars. I believe that RHT is a way to be whole again and use this wholeness to move forward in life healthy, vibrant, and with a spring in our step.